Tcade is a free multi game arcade app that comes with dozens of fun to play arcade style games. New games are added with every major update of the app. Install Tcade and start playing!

35 Games in one! (With more on the way.)
All games installed, no external downloading.
Online leaderboards for each game.
Variety of Retro, Pixel & Arcade games and more!
New spins on old favorites.
Earn up to 3 stars for each game. (Discover bonus items in future updates.)
Retro inspired sound effects.
Dozens of "chip tunes" play during the games.

Q) Do I have to pay for any of the games?
A) No, all of the games are free for you to play. But when there is no coins we invite you to watch an ad which gives you free coins and allows you to play all of the games immediately!

Q) "How many games are included with Tcade?"
A) v1.35 comes with 35 games. Each update will include at least 1 new game added to Tcade. The total number of games that can be added to Tcade is virtually unlimited.

Q) "Do I have to install or download other games?"
A) Tcade comes complete ready to play, no external downloading required.

Q) "What kind of games will be developed for Tcade?"
A) Arcade, casual, matching, puzzles, shooters, platform, scrollers, tappers, etc.

Q) How long does it take to play each game?
A) Tcade games typically take 1-5 minutes to play.

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